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About Us


About Us


We are a brand new event, hosting a yearly championship event in Wales at ICCWales Newport. With over 10 years of operation within the events industry, we have the experience to design and execute events that will give coaches and athletes the best possible competition experience.  

As a first year event provider, we are proud to sponsor bids to the Allstar World Championships held at Universal Studios in Florida. We want to offer teams the opportunity to take part at cheerleading and championship events to enhance their growth.

We help to develop the UK Cheer and Dance community, by helping both coaches and athletes grow and do what they love in a safe, friendly and supportive environment. We have, and will continue to deliver avant-garde, concert style events that are unique, inclusive and fun.

At DC12, our mission is to enrich the lives of athletes and coaches across the world with the incredible sports of Dance & Cheerleading! We achieve this by helping to build and enhance live events, confidence and self-esteem, promoting sportsmanship, teamwork, and perseverance, and providing access to worldwide competitions.


As we strive for a safer environment for our Cheer and Dance athletes, we provide and maintain best practices in safety, education, and ethical practices to help drive excellence and promote the sport.

For us, it is essential that we celebrate the individual efforts of everyone coaching or competing at our hosted events. Trophies, winning prizes and rounds of applause are great, however we ensure every team and performer goes home with something much more to remember after every event.

Our purpose is to provide a thriving environment for coaches and athletes and to take the UK Cheer & Dance industry to the next level.

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Official Bid Provider
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